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Mia Rose Perritt(she/her) Acting

Mia Rose Perritt is an actor/singer from just outside of Seattle, Washington. Her love for music, singing and stage performance started when she was a little kid, growing up in an artistic and creative household! Some of Mia’s most recent credits at Webster University’s Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts include: Nurse in Romeo and Juliet (Dir. Jef Awada), Echo in Myths and Hymns (Dir. Evangeline Whitlock), Heather U/S in American Idiot (Dir. Lara Teeter) and Amelie U/S in Amelie (Dir. Wendy Greenwood). When she’s not on stage she loves competitive Irish dancing, glam makeup, music and fitness. Kindness is a driving force in her work, and she strives to be kind and create safe environments for others to flourish. Mia is beyond excited to share her passion of theatre with the world and start the next step in her

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