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Fabiola Davila(she/they) Acting

Fabiola Davila is an adaptable and silly actor/singer based in Overland Park, Kansas but originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Ever since she was small, Faby has had a profound joy for anything relating to the arts, even in her days living internationally as an expatriate in Perth, Australia, and St.John’s, Canada. Before discovering her love for theater, Faby was thriving in visual arts and would spend most of her free time drawing incessantly on her tablet and sketchbooks. It was during her high school beginning acting class freshman year that Faby discovered a deep passion for performance. She found that theater, either spoken or sung, can be the ultimate form of expression. Faby’s recent performance credits in Webster University’s Sargent Conservatory of Theater Arts have been The Burial at Thebes by Seamus Heaney,  Sueño by Jose Rivera and The Last Days of Judas Iscariot by Stephen Adly Guirgis. Away from the stage, Faby still loves to draw, play video games, cook and hang out with her friends.

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