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Elise Cogan(she/her) Musical Theatre

Elise is an eager artist and proud Seattleite fulfilling and honoring her childhood dream of becoming a theater performer. Perpetually described as an old soul, Elise was brought up on classic Hollywood movie musicals and is always chasing that stimulating, transformative feeling that good storytelling provides. She most recently appeared as Percy Talbott in Webster University’s Sargent Conservatory of Theater Arts’ production of The Spitfire Grill (Dir. Jennifer Wintzer). Her favorite role to date has been Stepsister Joy in Cinderella (Dir. Tiffany Mausser) at Leavenworth Summer Theater. Elise’s enthusiasm and appreciation for theater has increased enormously since working closely with Variety St. Louis. Through the powers of theater she has found herself to be a more patient, compassionate, and selfless person. Receiving brain tumor removal surgery at the age of twelve, Elise works to increase the inclusion of actors of all abilities in the theater. When not on stage, Elise spends her time reading and playing board games like 7 Wonders with family.

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