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David Papel(he/him) Musical Theatre

David Papel is a Canadian-American actor and singer based out of St. Louis, Missouri. He grew up in the greater Seattle area where he participated in school and community theatre productions. At Webster University’s Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts, David played the roles of Joe in The Spitfire Grill (Dir. Jennifer Wintzer), Sisyphus in Myths and Hymns (Dir. Evangeline Whitlock), Will in American Idiot (Dir. Lara Teeter), as well as swing roles in Amélie (Dir. Wendy Greenwood) and Sondheim on Sondheim (Dir. Tali Allen & Michael Baxter). David also participated in Picking Up Chuck (Dir. Dominic Regazzi), a short film selected for The St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase. David is a dual citizen who spends his free time playing basketball, writing music, and playing chess. 

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