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Class of 2024

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Al Bastin(they/them) Acting

Al Bastin is a versatile performance artist who brings their unique vision to every project. As an actor/singer/instrumentalist, they are dedicated to stories that inspire understanding, empathy, and activism. As a person, they are fascinated by the spectrum of human experience and are passionate about exploration and play. Al is grateful for the privilege to uplift the queer community and strives to amplify other marginalized voices. Some of their favorite credits include #00 in The Wolves at the Center of Creative Arts, Friar Lawrence in Romeo and Juliet, and Tunny in American Idiot at Webster University’s Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts. Al finds constant joy in their guitar and keyboard, experimenting with covers and composition. Their curious spirit and open mind cast a diverse but focused set of artistic interests ranging from visual art to directing. They fashion themself as an eclectic collector of the peculiar as well as the divine. Through whatever medium they are embodying, they are ultimately seeking connection; an impact.

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Drew Bates(they/he/she) Musical Theatre

Drew Bates began their theatre career when they were cast as an acrobat in a 2009 children’s acting camp because they could do a decent cartwheel. The cartwheel’s quality has remained consistent, but their passion for the art has only grown. With a love for comedy and physically energized performance, Drew strives to tell enlightening and progressive stories in a collaborate environment. Favorite roles include Baz in A Bright Room Called Day, Tybalt in Romeo & Juliet and Hipolito/Elton John in Amélie at Webster University’s Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts, as well as Scuttle in Grandstreet Theatre’s The Little Mermaid and Pennywise in Village Theatre’s Urinetown. Drew enjoys learning tap, collaging, and watching old summer camp slashers. They can be seen in the 5th Avenue Theatre’s upcoming production of Spring Awakening in Seattle this June.

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Hannah Browning(she/her) Musical Theatre

Hannah Browning is an actor, singer, dancer and soon-to-be graduate of Webster University’s Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts. The central Kentucky native began a deep love of music and dance while learning to keep a steady beat at six months old in Kindermusik classes, followed by the start of ballet and tap classes at age three. While giving a youthfully committed performance as a mouse in Cinderella, she had her first taste of the magic of storytelling and the rest is history! Recently Hannah served as choreographer for The Spitfire Grill while also playing the role of Effy. Other latest credits include Agnes in A Bright Room Called Day, #8 in The Wolves, and American Idiot (Dance Captain/Ensemble). When not lip syncing to Bernadette Peters’ version of “Rose’s Turn,” Hannah enjoys reading, outdoor walks, scouring the JCrew catalog, ranking ‘90s sitcoms, and sharing meals with her family and friends. Hannah is passionate about engaging in all types of stories, from classics to new works, and she believes in using the power of art to create positive change in the world.

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Elise Cogan(she/her) Musical Theatre

Elise is an eager artist and proud Seattleite fulfilling and honoring her childhood dream of becoming a theater performer. Perpetually described as an old soul, Elise was brought up on classic Hollywood movie musicals and is always chasing that stimulating, transformative feeling that good storytelling provides. She most recently appeared as Percy Talbott in Webster University’s Sargent Conservatory of Theater Arts’ production of The Spitfire Grill (Dir. Jennifer Wintzer). Her favorite role to date has been Stepsister Joy in Cinderella (Dir. Tiffany Mausser) at Leavenworth Summer Theater. Elise’s enthusiasm and appreciation for theater has increased enormously since working closely with Variety St. Louis. Through the powers of theater she has found herself to be a more patient, compassionate, and selfless person. Receiving brain tumor removal surgery at the age of twelve, Elise works to increase the inclusion of actors of all abilities in the theater. When not on stage, Elise spends her time reading and playing board games like 7 Wonders with family.

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Anthony Comunale(he/him) Acting

Anthony Comunale is a dynamic and dedicated actor, writer, and director. He is interested in making work that explores morality and the human condition. He finds himself particularly drawn to work that combines comedic and dramatic elements. Originally from Dayton, Ohio, Anthony is currently based in Saint Louis. Some of his credits at Webster University’s Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts include Lord Capulet in Romeo and Juliet (Directed by Jef Awada) and Traum in A Bright Room Called Day by Tony Kushner (Directed by Gregory Almanza). His film credits include Demolition (written and directed by Dominic Decicco). His devised work includes The Most Lamentable Tragedy of The Peanut Butter King (Directed by Erik Peterson). Away from the stage Anthony is interested in screen printing, film, and writing.

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Luka Cruz(he/him) Acting

Luka Cruz is a fearless, free-thinking, dynamic character actor who is interested in working on projects that humanize people and bring about a sense of connection rather than an ‘othering’. Some of his most recent performance credits include Romeo and Juliet at the conservatory and Murder on the Orient Express by Ken Ludwig at the Repertory Theatre St. Louis. Film credits include Accepted (Dir. Adrienne Cannon) and Last Night (Dir. Anthony Devasto). He’s a mix of Puerto-Rican, Black and European, and originally from Seattle, Washington. When he’s not making faces for an audience, Luka enjoys exploring new and familiar cuisines, consuming well-written prose, and writing.

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Fabiola Davila(she/they) Acting

Fabiola Davila is an adaptable and silly actor/singer based in Overland Park, Kansas but originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Ever since she was small, Faby has had a profound joy for anything relating to the arts, even in her days living internationally as an expatriate in Perth, Australia, and St.John’s, Canada. Before discovering her love for theater, Faby was thriving in visual arts and would spend most of her free time drawing incessantly on her tablet and sketchbooks. It was during her high school beginning acting class freshman year that Faby discovered a deep passion for performance. She found that theater, either spoken or sung, can be the ultimate form of expression. Faby’s recent performance credits in Webster University’s Sargent Conservatory of Theater Arts have been The Burial at Thebes by Seamus Heaney,  Sueño by Jose Rivera and The Last Days of Judas Iscariot by Stephen Adly Guirgis. Away from the stage, Faby still loves to draw, play video games, cook and hang out with her friends.

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Dominic DeCicco(they/he) Acting

Dominic DeCicco is an actor/writer/director who hails from Kansas City and is now finishing up his BFA in St Louis. Dom is interested in exploring works that go beyond realism. He is passionate about devised pieces and abstractions of ideas in art. In a world that is simultaneously so connected and yet so fractured, they want to create art that doesn’t shy away from living in a refracted state. Some of his favorite performance credits from his time at the Sargent Conservatory of Theater Arts include Mud (Dir. Nathan Shu), The Burial At Thebes (Dir. Kylie Ferguson), and American Idiot (Dir. Lara Teeter). On film, he has performed in numerous works, such as Penance (Dir Ross Ramirez), A World Softly Lulls (Dir. Dante DeCicco) and Picking Up Chuck (Dir. Dominic Regazzi). They are also an avid filmmaker having written and directed a handful of short films, some of which are available online. In his free time, Dom loves to spend time with his cat and watch lots of movies.

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Jacob Allen Farmer(he/him) Acting

Jacob Allen Farmer is an actor born and raised in the small town of Paola, Kansas. Although he played his first official role in a play during his freshman year of high school, Jacob has been performing and telling stories since he was a little kid sitting around the campfire in Cub Scouts. Moments like those grew his love of performance and storytelling and with the guidance of many mentors, he decided to pursue a career in acting. Recently, Jacob played Romeo in Romeo and Juliet (Dir. Jef Awada), Judas in The Last Days of Judas Iscariot (Dir. Adam Flores), and The Guard in The Burial at Thebes (Dir. Kylie Ferguson) at Webster University’s Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts. As well as on stage, Jacob appeared on screen in Picking Up Chuck (Dir. Dominic Regazzi) and Trapped! (Dir. Chris Buettner). When he’s not acting, Jacob loves to play Dungeons and Dragons with his friends and spend time with his family back home.

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Kyleigh Grimsbo(she/her) Acting

Kyleigh Grimsbo is a tenacious and dedicated actor, writer, and director. She’s originally from Duluth, Minnesota, where the theatre community helped foster her love for storytelling. She’s constantly learning more about the personal and political power of performance, and she’s grateful to follow her love for theatre arts into a career. She’s currently based in St. Louis while earning her Acting BFA at Webster University’s Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts, and, during her time at Webster, has played Kate in Seminar by Theresa Rebeck (Dir: Mariah Richardson) and Jesus of Nazareth/Bailiff/Matthias of Galilee in The Last Days of Judas Iscariot by Stephen Adly Guirgis (Dir: Adam Flores). She also played A/Dawn/Maxine as well as having written work accepted for Webster’s curation of short, original performance texts, titled Student Voices (Dir: Kathryn Bentley). Kyleigh has also worked with the Repertory Theatre of St Louis in an ensemble/understudy role for Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express (Dir: Hana Shariff), along with several other Minnesota-based theatre companies such as Zenith City Horror, Rubber Chicken Theater, Renegade Theater Company, and the NorShor Theatre. Film credits include House of Mischievous Spirits (Dir: Tom Higgins) and Rescuing Christmas (Dir: Emily Moss Wilson). In her off-season, Kyleigh enjoys creating physical art, including drawing, painting, and sculpting, fashion, and Ballet. Her goal as an artist is to change the world by helping create a global community that empowers and enables others to share their most meaningful stories.

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Gillian Guthrie(she/her) Acting

Gillian Guthrie is an actress who was born and raised in the heart of Texas. She has loved her four years training at Webster University’s Sargent Conservatory pf Theatre Arts. She has been able to grow her skills and learn who she is and wants to be as an actor. She strives to create work that cause community and the appreciation for humanity. Two roles she has had the honor of playing is Lady Capulet in Romeo and Juliet directing by Jef Awada at her university and Martine in The Learned Ladies also at her university directed by Rebekah Scallet. Through her roles she has been able to give women who are not typically looked at a voice. And she wants to continue to be able to do that. She also loves cats, vintage clothing, her family, and crafting!

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Chase Harless(he/him) Musical Theatre

Chase Harless is a youthful and energetic actor, singer, and dancer who loves everything about theatre arts. He has recently played Colin in Blood at the Root by Dominique Morisseau, and was the assistant music director and fight director for The Spitfire Grill at Webster University’s Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts. Chase has also had the opportunity to play guitar in many shows including American Idiot, Webster’s Senior Cabaret, and The Spitfire Grill. For the last 2 years he has been the dance captain for The Discovery Awards at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center, produced by Celebrity Attractions. He is an eager and hungry performer who leaps at any chance to learn more about his craft, as well as, teach those who are interested in learning more about theatre arts. 

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Isaiah Henry(he/him) Acting

Isaiah Henry is an actor and singer native to St. Louis, Missouri. He grew up participating in his school’s productions and many community theaters in the St. Louis area. Music was a large part of his upbringing as choral and barbershop styles were influenced from a very young age. Coming up, Isaiah will be playing Old Prince Bolkonsky/Andrey in Natasha, Pierre, & the Great Comet of 1812 (Dir. Michael Baxter) and he will be appearing in the ensemble of St. Louis Shakespeare Festival’s As You Like It (Dir. Nancy Bell). Most recently at Webster University’s Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts, Isaiah played Paris in Romeo & Juliet (Dir. Jef Awada), Icarus in Myths and Hymns (Dir. Evangeline Whitlock), and had ensemble/understudy roles in American Idiot (Dir. Lara Teeter), Amélie (Dir. Wendy Greenwood), and Sondheim on Sondheim (Dir. Tali Allen & Michael Baxter). Film credits include Picking Up Chuck (Dir. Dominic Regazzi), Friendly Competition (Dir. Dominic Regazzi), and The Fourth Wall (Dir. Kyle Kreighbaum) all of which were selected for The St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase. Away from the stage, Isaiah is interested in basketball, film, cooking, and music. Isaiah is excited to embark on this next step in his journey and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

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Aria Maholchic(she/her) Musical Theatre

Already having her foot in the door of professional theatre, Aria Maholchic, whose home is the New York area, is looking forward to her graduation at Webster University’s Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts. Aria’s greatest accomplishment during her time at Webster has been building a working professional relationship with Repertory Theatre St. Louis. On top of working hard in class, she has been in 3 shows there in the past year; most recently, appearing as Lana Sherwood (Violet, Zuzu, Ruth) in It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play directed by Kate Bergstrum. Also at Repertory Theatre St. Louis, she appeared as Mary Debenham for the opening weekend of Murder on the Orient Express and as Martha Cratchit in A Christmas Carol, both directed by Hana Sharif. Other favorite regional credits come from the Glimmerglass Festival in Cooperstown, New York. These include Athena in The Odyssey directed by Francesca Zambello and Amaryllis in The Music Man directed by Marcia Milgrom Dodge which was her first professional production at the age of 10. Aria is grateful for the opportunities she has had to learn and experience doing what she loves. Away from theatre, she is passionate about human and animal rights, and making theatre accessible to both actors and audience members with disabilities.

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Remi Mark(she/her) Musical Theatre

Remi Mark is a Jewish/Cuban-American actor, singer, dancer with a drive like no other. Born and raised in the warm and vibrant Miami, Florida, performing has always been a huge part of her life. Whether it was forcing her cousins to put on a play in the living room for her family or finding her way into every show her community theater put on; Remi has always had a passion for telling stories. As she has grown older, so has the caliber of her work. Some of her favorite credits at Webster University’s Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts include Shelby inThe Spitfire Grill and Philaminte in The Learned Ladies. She also has had the opportunity to perform in the St. Louis regional theater scene with credits from The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, Tesseract Theatre Company, St. Louis Fringe Festival, and St. Louis Shakespeare. Remi strives to be apart of diverse and inclusive spaces that value collaboration and choose to make an impact. She wants to bring a new level of authenticity and depth to characters through empathy and her own life experience. She is always seeking new opportunities to learn and grow in her craft and is excited to see what the future holds.

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Collin Milfort(he/him) Musical Theatre

Collin Mekyel Milfort, an East Atlanta native Is thrilled to be completing his training here at the Sargent Conservatory. As a graduate of HHS Academy for Performing Arts, he is lucky that fate led him to St. Louis where he’s called home for the past four years. Collin has continued to grow into a more a committed, full-out performing artist and creative leader while in St. Louis. He continues to use his versatile prowess to bring an array of stories to life in joyful technicolor, while simultaneously honoring authenticity as a queer black artist. Some of Collin’s credits include: Joseph and The Amazing…(The Muny); Palefsky Collision Project (Alliance Theater); A Christmas Carol (The Repertory Theater of St. Louis); Disney’s Aida (STAGES St. Louis); and Jersey Boys (Riverside Theater). Collin is also no stranger to the camera; you can find him on Season 2 Legacies on the CW channel. Outside of his work as a performer, you can find him cooking meals from his families home countries of St. Lucia and Haiti, practicing community engagement with the youth of theater in various communities, or spending
quality time with family!

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Piper K. Murray(she/her) Musical Theatre

Piper K Murray is a vibrant and passionate artist from Seattle, Washington. Her love for theatre began in her grandmother’s living room at the age of two and has been a foundation in her life’s direction ever since.  She believes strongly in bringing body diversity to the theatre and proudly played roles not generally performed by larger bodied actors, including Juliet in Romeo and Juliet (dir. Jef Awada), Paulinka in A Bright Room Called Day (dir. Gregory Almanza), and understudying Whatsername in American Idiot (dir. Lara Teeter). Piper is someone whose upbeat personality is infectious, in and out of her work. Outside of theatre, she enjoys baking, swimming, cards games, and spending quality time with her friends and family. Piper is beyond excited to enter the professional acting field and help change how bodies are viewed on the stage.

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David Papel(he/him) Musical Theatre

David Papel is a Canadian-American actor and singer based out of St. Louis, Missouri. He grew up in the greater Seattle area where he participated in school and community theatre productions. At Webster University’s Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts, David played the roles of Joe in The Spitfire Grill (Dir. Jennifer Wintzer), Sisyphus in Myths and Hymns (Dir. Evangeline Whitlock), Will in American Idiot (Dir. Lara Teeter), as well as swing roles in Amélie (Dir. Wendy Greenwood) and Sondheim on Sondheim (Dir. Tali Allen & Michael Baxter). David also participated in Picking Up Chuck (Dir. Dominic Regazzi), a short film selected for The St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase. David is a dual citizen who spends his free time playing basketball, writing music, and playing chess. 

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Mia Rose Perritt(she/her) Acting

Mia Rose Perritt is an actor/singer from just outside of Seattle, Washington. Her love for music, singing and stage performance started when she was a little kid, growing up in an artistic and creative household! Some of Mia’s most recent credits at Webster University’s Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts include: Nurse in Romeo and Juliet (Dir. Jef Awada), Echo in Myths and Hymns (Dir. Evangeline Whitlock), Heather U/S in American Idiot (Dir. Lara Teeter) and Amelie U/S in Amelie (Dir. Wendy Greenwood). When she’s not on stage she loves competitive Irish dancing, glam makeup, music and fitness. Kindness is a driving force in her work, and she strives to be kind and create safe environments for others to flourish. Mia is beyond excited to share her passion of theatre with the world and start the next step in her

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Ryan Porter(he/him) Musical Theatre

Ryan is a Seattle born singer and actor currently living in St Louis. He began his life in Theatre at age 11 in a production of Honk, starring as one of the ducklings. Since then, he has appeared as Aaron Fox in Curtains and The Favorite Son in American Idiot, both at the Ballyhoo Theatre run by Shileah Corey. Attending Webster University’s Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts, Ryan has featured as Joseph in Amelie (Dir. Wendy Greenwood), Understudy for Will in American Idiot (dir. Lara Teeter), and Gregory in Romeo and Juliet (dir. Jef Awada). In his free time Ryan enjoys learning dialects and playing soccer.

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Ashley Schwach(she/they) Acting

Ashley Schwach is an actor/singer from the small town of Paola, Kansas. She found her love for the arts in the form of an “Introduction to Theatre” class her freshman year of high school and hasn’t stopped since. Having lived six years in Foster Care, Ashley spent a large portion of her life feeling isolated from her peers due to her upbringing. However, through the arts, she found a community for herself where she felt comfortable expressing how her experiences impacted and continue to impact her life. Her most recent endeavors at Webster University’s Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts include Assistant Directing and Text Coaching for Romeo and Juliet (Dir. Jef Awada), Gotchling in A Bright Room Called Day (Dir. Gregory Almanza), and Clotaldo in Sueño (Dir. Jess Shoemaker). Her film credits include The Feltersons (Dir. Cami Lindauer) and Cannibal of the Night (Dir. Jake Ward). She is excited for her upcoming performance in Silence (Dir. Luna Martin) to close out her senior year! Away from the stage, Ashley pursues her interest in learning languages such as ASL and Spanish, playing instruments, and reading fantasy novels. She is incredibly grateful to continue doing the thing she loves and is excited to see what this next step holds!
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Mary Stewart Sullivan(she/her) Acting

Mary Stewart Sullivan is a triple threat, who has performed professionally since she was six years old. Major theatre roles before college include ENRON on Broadway, as well as Zorro at the Alliance Theatre and White Christmas at Atlanta Lyric Theatre, both in Atlanta, Georgia. Mary Stewart also enjoys tv/film work and is currently filming a feature. Prior to college, her work included Ring of Fire for Lifetime Network and Saturday Night Live. An acting major at Webster University’s Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts, Mary Stewart has enjoyed playing Antigone in Burial of Thebes and Asha in Blood at the Root. An avid dancer, she enjoys tap, ballet, modern, jazz, Latin, and contemporary. She currently teaches dance at Variety St. Louis and choreographed many performances while in high school at Professional Children’s School in New York City. Mary Stewart is a mezzo soprano and has performed at several New York venues, including Joe’s Pub, 54 Below, and Green Room 42. When she’s not performing, she can be seen either behind a computer writing plays or songs or being pulled through the streets behind her 45-pound Pitbull rescue, named “Dido,” after the singer!

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Colby Willis(he/him) Acting

Colby Willis is a passionate, caring and multifaceted performer from the suburbs of Chicago. He was a three sport athlete prior to being a performer and found his love of theater through participating in his grandparents’ non-for-profit organization that aids in giving performing opportunities to disabled children and young adults called The Penguin Project. Through this amazing opportunity, Colby not only found his true passion in performing but he also got a chance to be around some of the most special and remarkable young adults that have had a tremendous effect on his life and how he approaches the work. Colby’s most recent performing opportunities have included The Repertory Theatre St. Louis’ Murder On The Orient Express (Dir. Hana Sharif), Webster University’s Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts’ Romeo and Juliet (Dir. Jef Awada), Seminar (Dir. Mariah Richardson) and Sondheim on Sondheim (Dir. Michael Baxter and Tali Allen). Colby, an acting major, is also extremely interested in not only the Musical Theater industry but the Film/Commercial industry as well. Away from the stage he is interested in football, baseball and learning guitar as well as piano. He is so grateful and excited to see what the next step of his journey holds!

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